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March 11, 2010 / jimnv

Gibbons Wants a Less Efficient State Government

All that talk about government efficiency and the need to eliminate waste is just BS to Gibbons.  He reportedly said this at a town meeting in Ely:

“”Your government is not going to look the same at the end of this period. If it did, we’d be close to bankruptcy.”

Change, he said, is inevitable. The state government he envisions will be a smaller, less efficient, less bureaucratic government.

And that’s good thing in his book;….”

Gibbons tells Ely town hall meeting that state government must change in 2011, The Ely Times, March 10, 2010

What happened to “running government like a business”? How about reducing waste and improving efficiency? All lies.

Gibbons lying is not surprising and it is easy to dismiss this but we must remember his supporters also spoke these lies in their blind political allegiance to their frontman, Jim Gibbons.

Those allies are Las Vegas casinos, the Las Vegas Chamber of CommerceThe Las Vegas Review Journal, The Nevada Policy Research Institute, the Nevada Republican Party and the SAGE commission. They are just a bunch of liars willing to say and print whatever they need to to maintain their control over a state they think they own and control.  This power trip also fills some sort of  perverted need to attack state employees, making them the scapegoat for state budget problems.

They don’t own us or Nevada. The election is coming up… tell them all to go to hell.


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