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March 9, 2010 / jimnv

Gaming Control Board Won’t Layoff Anyone

There has been much talk about the Gaming Control Board (GCB) regarding layoffs and about how to properly fund the agency in the long term with fees paid by the gaming industry.

The GCB lost about a million dollars from the General Fund in the last round of cuts and with seven positions vacant, the salary savings will be used to cover that deficit according to GCB Chairman Dennis Neilander.  Further, higher investigative fees will be charged to gaming applicants to cover the additional 4.2 million cuts in appropriations.

This is very good news…. no lay offs.

Unfortunately during Special Session, the legislature did not address the issue of the GCB being properly funded by the industry they regulate.  A proposal was made to do just that but because casinos wouldn’t go along, nothing came of it. This so typical of a legislature, to push off decisions for later and let casinos off the hook.

Things must change.  If we expect Nevada’s food industry to do the same though annual health permits and other fees, then asking the gaming industry to do the same it not too much to ask. The gaming industry must pay the costs of the GCB through fees. Stop asking and start charging.


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