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March 2, 2010 / jimnv

More Fibbing by the LV Review Journal

I just saw this on the Las Vegas Review Journal website. It is opinion piece called, “Budget Theater” and this is  part of what was said:

“Meanwhile, state workers — whose generous pensions, benefits and salaries, along with healthy annual raises, have contributed to the budget mess — avoided any major hits. That’s no surprise, given that the Democratic leadership in Carson City openly admits that as far as they’re concerned government employees stand far higher on the pecking order than the taxpayers who support them.”

Is this really true? State employees got a healthy annual raise the past year? Even after the mandated furloughs? Incredible!

Generous salaries too? The average pay is $44,000 a year,  with about 21 percent making less than $25,000, and 58 percent making less than $50,000. Since there are no collective bargaining rights they make much less than a county.  How does the math prove this generous?

State Employee Pay for 2007 – less than you think!“, March 5, 2009

How about those health benefits? Are they also lavish after benefits cuts and higher premiums?  How can that be?

Generous pensions? State employees pay 11.25 percent of their salaries into a well run and actuarially sound system while social security participants just pay a measly 6.2 percent into a bankrupt program.  PERS is the only retirement for most state employees. Is jealousy and willful ignorance a factor in the calculations?

The LV Review Journal fibs.. again.

The editor can’t do the math and sees only disdain for state employees, as if we are what is wrong with Nevada. With more than half the budget going to education, how can you balance everything on state employee salaries and benefits?  How does the math work on that one? It doesn’t!

What is wrong are editors and their allies ( LV Chamber of Commerce, NV Policy Research Institute) who think our primary businesses can get away with paying little taxes while the average citizen including state workers foot the bill for the difference. They get those newspaper editors to do their bidding and to say nasty things about state employees. Things they don’t  have the guts to say themselves. It’s galling.

Industries like mining and gaming still don’t pay their way and have powerful political friends who make sure they don’t have to pay.

Mining (especially gold mining)  takes our non-renewable resources for cheap, destroys the land and send their mega profits to Canada. Casinos employ lots of people but they don’t  boast about the near minimum wages they pay so the bosses at the top can live lavishly on the sweat of their employees.

It must be nice and easy work for the editor at the Journal. He gets to collect a fat paycheck, benefits, live lavishly and easily by reworking old editorials and claiming them as something new.  Where do I sign up for that job?

Las Vegas Review Journal On the Attack — Again, August 27, 2009

You lie! Las Vegas Review Journal, December 26, 2009


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