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February 8, 2010 / jimnv

State of the State is this evening

Gibbons’ State of the State is this evening at 6 pm and most Nevada TV stations will carry it. In it, he will lay out his plan for significant budget cuts to close the expected deficit of over $800 million.

To get a picture of how dire things are:

“Nevada’s budget is so far out of balance that by one account the state could lay off every worker paid from the general fund and still be $300 million in the red. The economic downturn has hit so hard that prisons may be closed, entire colleges shuttered and thousands left without jobs.” ––  Nevada Appeal, February 8, 2020

Apparently mining will prepay their taxes and offer about a $100 million on the billions they will make this year. Both Gibbons and mining will make it sound like they are coming to our rescue and are here to help.

I expect Gibbons’ poll numbers will rise significantly after his address because it will be more of  a campaign speech than anything else. His  “No new taxes” mantra while an ineffective effective management style is great for a campaign and his base will love it.

Governor plans emergency address on Nevada budget“, Nevada Appeal, February 8, 2010

STATE OF THE STATE ADDRESS: Gibbons to draw bottom line — Speech will suggest how to cut spending $881.4 million. LV Rev Jr., February 8, 2010

Gibbons to deliver emergency State of the State address“, Reno Gaz. Jr., February 7, 2010


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