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February 8, 2010 / jimnv

Million Dollar Speech

This evening, the governor delivered his special “state of the state” address. The content was not new … we have read and heard all the ideas he presented including the well worn campaign slogans. So for that he gets a C grade.

For a PDF version of the speech, click here.     For the Legislative response by Steven Horsford, State Senate Majority Leader, click here.

However, his presentation was very good as a campaign speech and for that he gets an A grade. He will connect with his base and add to it because they will definitely like his tone and what he said. His nearly empty campaign account will make at least a million dollars in donations from his campaign speech tonight. Maybe he will donate 6 percent to the state to help with the deficit or buy one of those Education Gift Certificate to help teachers.

Gibbons says he wants the Special Session to start February 23rd. But that might need the intervention of the State Supreme Court as discussed in this article: “Special session may require help of state Supreme Court“, LV Sun, January 10, 2010.

Don’t expect miracles from the session. Legislators will do the minimum required and not offer anything novel, such a fixing the taxing structure in the state. They will leave it to the regular session in 2011 and hope that between now and then the economy improves enough so they don’t have to do anything.


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