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December 18, 2009 / jimnv

Start with the Governor’s Office

Recently Gibbons asked state employees to tell him how to save money because the budget needs more of it to cover the shortfall. He asked then to respond by Jan. 4 to am certain there are many ways to save money and soliciting ideas from employees, while not new, is a good idea.

I do not recommend you send suggestions from work but wait until you get home. Considering the punitive and oppressive nature of the current administration, any effort to help while working will be seen negatively.

I have a suggestion of my own and it is this:

Identify all unclassified positions (aka political appointees) within the Governor’s Office;

Change those positions to contractor status at maximum of 75 percent of their current salary but without benefits or retirement like any other contractor and

Allow the incumbents to have first crack at the contract but if they decline  then go out to bid like other contracts.

Some Republicans have given back  4.6 percent of their Legislative income as a show of solidarity with state employees. It’s about time the governor does the same, starting with his staff. This idea could be applied to any and perhaps all unclassified positions within Nevada government.

Oh yeah, I plan on sending an email to “them”.



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  1. Steven P Lemme / Dec 28 2009 1:03 pm

    Gov Gibbons,
    I am writing in response to your request for comments or suggestions. I am a Boiler Inspector with the OSHA Mechanical Unit for four years in Nevada. Prior to my service in Nevada, I was a Boiler Inspector in Arizona for 18 years & a Police Officer in Minnesota for 10 years. Public Service and budget shortfalls are not a new thing to me.
    I believe the Mechanical Unit( Boiler & Elevator Inspections) should be joined with the State Fire Marshall, as it is a matter of Public Safety. We are now under OSHA which enforces Federal Law and we enforce State Law.
    We do not charge a fee for some required inspections under State Law and the current fee schedule is twenty years behind the Industry Standard.
    I believe 4/10 work week should be considered.Cities in Clark Co. have gone with it, with little to no public out cry.
    The Mec Unit has privatized some Elevator Inspections without a bid contract.The Mec Unit also did a mass mailing to promote that service.
    The fleet contract for oil changes at Jiffy Lube charges the State more than it charges Stste Employees for the same service. Car wash contract? I wash the state car at NDOT car wash and why not.
    The Mec Unit is on Furloughs, while we have boilers & elevators past due for State required inspections.
    I do not support full day kindergarden, as it is day long day care.
    I have worked in government service with the understanding that one receives a lesser wage in exchange for the Benefit Package.Please, do not make the benefits less attractive, as we would lose good people to the private sector.
    Thank you for your service to your contry & the State of Nevada.
    Steven P Lemme
    Boiler Inspector

    • jimnv / Dec 28 2009 1:06 pm

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for the post. The Gov might not read this blog so I would suggest sending your comments to:



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