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December 9, 2009 / jimnv

About the Transparent Nevada Website

Many have been going to  Transparent Nevada, a website that lists salary costs for Nevada public employees and it is definitely worth a look. The employee salaries are actually the  total cost for each employee including the base salary, overtime, health benefits and retirement.

Unfortunately, many are linking to a page which lists all public employees and thinking those are only state employees. The “all list” is certainly an eye opener and it shows local employees making incredible compensation with one person receiving over $600,000. In reaction they are demanding that state employees be laid off en mass or have their salaries cut substantially, perhaps as much as 50 percent.

There is obvious confusion regarding between local government and state employees. Local government employees have unions, collective bargaining and contracts while state employees do not and so make much less.

The site states the number of state employees in 2008 was 20, 084  with an average cost per employee of $48, 136. The 2009 figures will be lower because of positions being eliminated or kept vacant and through salary reductions (furloughs), a reduction in health benefits and other measures.

As to the percentage making a $100,000 a year or more: Clark County and the  City of  Henderson – 15%  and for the State of Nevada – 2.5%

The link to the 2008 state employee salary information is:

To search the entire database, go to:

With furloughs, no step raises, COLAs, or  longevity, the state employees are paying their fair share.

One could not say the same for mining companies which make over $5 billion a year but pay less than $50 million in taxes. The average mining employee salary is about $69,000.


See also: “State Employees Now Listed in a Database



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  1. Jodi Janiga / Mar 13 2011 5:01 pm

    Please remove all of my information from your site within 48 hours or legal recourse will be sought…This company does not have my authorization to post any information about myself or family members.

    • jimnv / Mar 13 2011 5:33 pm

      My blog only provides a link to their website. “Transparent Nevada” is not my website and you would have to take it up with the Nevada Policy Research Institute which claims public employee salaries are public information.

      Here is some information you can use: NPRI website:
      Mailing address: 3155 E. Patrick Lane,Suite 10,Las Vegas, NV 89120
      Phone: (702) 222-0642
      Fax: (702) 227-0927
      Contact the staff:
      Sharon J. Rossie, President:


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