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November 22, 2009 / jimnv

I can hear it now… more pay cuts for state employees

Things are ramping up for the 2010 elections and the next legislative session which will be contentious because the tax increases passed this year will sunset in 2011. Revenues will probably be poor so cuts will need to be made and the first place to look will be salaries.

Before the elections and the next session a lot will be said and printed. State employee despisers will try to make their point that we are all worthless and overpaid. It is already starting.

To make my point, here are some recent comments I have lifted from the Internet about Nevada’s impending budget problems and state employees:

“… unsustainable wage and benefit increases for government workers …”
” … out-of-control spending on salaries and benefits …”
“… those salaries start to look obscene to today’s hard-working Nevadans…”
“The first cut to government and union pay should be 50% immediately and, if they don’t work a lot harder than they currently do for us,
then another 25% cut should be made within 6 months. These cuts should include both pay AND benefits.”
“… they’ll finally get serious about reducing the outrageous public employee salaries and benefits.”
“… union contracts can be nullified and we can start over with realistic wages being paid.”
“…but those salaries start to look obscene…”
“No, they ALWAYS looked obscene. And so did the benefits.”
“This is what we get when idiots vote and gov.unions take over our cities and states.It NEVER ends!”

The truth is Nevada state employees are not over paid and their average pay is about $44,000 a year and a fifth make less than $25,000.

“State Employee Pay for 2007 – less than you think! March 5, 2009

State employees have had benefits cut, salaries reduced through furloughs and have not seen any cost of living increases. They make less than a local government employee who belongs to a union. State employees do not have collective bargaining rights so they cannot negotiate salaries or work conditions.

Making up a deficit by reducing state employees salaries is impossible because it would mean a reduction of about 50 percent in the number off state employees to make it work.




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