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October 10, 2009 / jimnv

How Gibbons Could Win Re-Election

I must confess after I read the blog post, “Down the rabbit hole with Idle Speculator I was impressed with the logic as to how Gibbons could easily win re-election.   Timing is everything though! Here is part of the blog:

“Appointing Brian Sandoval to Ensign’s Senate seat and thus removing him from the Republican gubernatorial primary would be such a brazen act of self-serving transparency on the part of Jim Gibbons that even the Review-Journal’s publisher would see through it. In other words, it sounds like exactly the sort of thing Gibbons would do. It would also amount to an extremely aggressive snub to both Heller and the Nevada Republican Party, two entities that Gibbons feels have not been sufficiently supportive of the governor during his public descent into dementia — and it is not uncommon for mental and/or emotionally imbalanced people, like Gibbons, to become obsessed with revenge.”  Las Vegas Gleaner, October 9, 2009

Definitely worth some time reading.


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