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October 1, 2009 / jimnv

Thuggery and Mismanagement at the DMV

The Governor and his appointees have been very political from the start. They have also been consistently incompetent reflecting the Governor’s level of engagement and abilities.

This has been felt across the state government and now the political changes at the Department of Motor Vehicles are bubbling and churning. The recent events there reflect the general condition of mismanagement statewide.

An article posted at by Dennis Meyers, called “State Workers Disaffected Are taxpayers paying more than they should for state workers turnover?”  goes into detail about what happened recently.  It is an interesting article and starts out this way:

“On Sept. 21, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles field services administrator Thomas Fronapfel was called to DMV Director Edgar Roberts’ office and fired. He was given 40 minutes to pack up his things and leave the building. A badged officer accompanied him as he took the first load to his car.”

I have seen this before. It was soon after List became governor when a Division Administrator was forcibly taken out of the Kincaid Building by guards because he was not a Republican. I will never forget the look on his face as he left the building carrying a box of his stuff.

State employees are always politicized but rules are in place to protect them from undue influence. They don’t always work.

Shame on the DMV management for using public thuggery. Fear and intimidation are not characteristics of effective management. But again, they reflect the management style of the governor.


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