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September 16, 2009 / jimnv

Now there is a Real Chance for Nevada

Brian Sandoval has announced his bid for Jim Gibbons’ job.  (Reno Gaz Jr)

This was not the best news for Democrats because if he ran against Reid for the Senate, there was a good chance he would have lost thereby politically neutralizing him for a while. That was the whole point of my support for Sandoval running for the Senate a few weeks ago. Now, at least Gibbons won’t win. We have had enough of his incompetence and child-like behavior.

Sandoval’s chances of being elected Governor are very good and I don’t think his challengers for the nomination have much of a chance. There is talk of anointments, that Sandoval has been hand picked by the Nevada Republican Party so everyone one else be damned.  There have always been anointments but in politics, people can crash and burn quickly so we must see what Sandoval does and what comes out in the campaign.

As for Harry Reid, he should run on substance over fluff and on truth over rumors and lies. He has a chance to win again.


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