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August 8, 2009 / jimnv

Back from Las Vegas

I am back from Las Vegas after attending an environmental/public health conference in conjunction with the FDA. It went very well. Our attendees and vendors were happy and I think the Las Vegas Hilton was too. I didn’t hear anyone talking about the “black list”  Gibbons announced last month.

Just because two federal agencies had memos suggesting alternative locations for conferences does not mean there is a “black list”. I have yet to see the list made public and am waiting.

Oh yeah, those agency memos were written during the Bush administration and blaming Obama is wrong and politically motivated. Incredibly, in response to the non-existent “black list”,  Harry Reid  introduced legislation to make sure there are no such lists…. what a waste of time and energy. Unfortunately political pandering energy is renewable and endless.

Now, I hear Gibbons is whining about how he was snubbed by not being invited to a national clean energy summit in Las Vegas.  This is from a person who didn’t give a damn about clean energy until recently. He supported coal power plants in eastern Nevada and is dragging his feet implementing Nevada’s renewable energy programs.

He desire for a meeting is politically motivated like his recent trip to Iraq. Just more renewable and endless Gibby-gab for his political base.


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