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July 28, 2009 / jimnv

The State is Behind – Again

The Federal Stimulus Plan provides money to states for projects designed to add jobs and Nevada is entitled to billions of dollars. You would think, with all that money coming our way, the Governor’s office would have been ready.


Again, Gibbons shows his incredible incompetence and lack of management skills. He now wants a bail out from the Interim Finance Committee next week to create a “Stimulus Czar” position with associated staff and office resources for a total of $534,000.  Oh yeah, the website is a mess so he wants to fix that too. “For Nevada, a late start on managing jump-start    State is behind the curve on planning, monitoring spending“,Timothy Pratt, LV Sun,  July 28, 2009.  IFC meeting info.

BTW: The Nevada DOT has a stimulus tracking website that looks pretty good.

Gibbons blames the Legislative process he didn’t participate in, for side-tracking his efforts. Plus he said the state budget cuts he demanded, made it impossible to track the funds with existing personnel.

Well, we now know that Gibbons can create a few jobs using stimulus funds. He better get his things together before October 10th which is the deadline to report how we are spending the money.


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