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July 27, 2009 / jimnv

Bob List Thinks Gibbons is Done Politically

Bob List, former Republican Governor (1979- 1983) said that Gibbons might not run for re-election after he is realizes he is politically weak and said his re-election chances were “fairly slim”.  “Former Nevada governor: Gibbons may not run again“, AP, Reno Gazette Journal

I still think Gibbons has a chance at the nomination and winning. Like I said previously, voters have short memories and his base still support him though they may not publicly say so. Plus, Republicans, even those in Nevada, generally vote along party lines no matter what. It is unpatriotic for them not to do so.

There are many people who think he has done a great job, especially those in the Las Vegas casino industry and the mining companies in the Elko area. He protected them from more taxes and shifted the blame for the budget crisis on everyone else but them. His attacks on state employees went over very well in those business groups and with most Republicans in general.

A “Party of No” has little intellectual depth but Nevada Republicans see no problem with that.


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