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July 23, 2009 / jimnv

The List is in Gibbons’ Head

The Reno Gazette Journal posted an article today called: “Gov. Gibbons protests federal “blacklist of Nevada” .  They quoted Gibbons as being “outraged” at a “black list” preventing Federal agencies from holding meetings in Las Vegas or Reno and blames this on President Obama. He goes on to mention the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority as reporting hundreds of conventions and business meetings being cancelled, implying the two issues are related.

Oh brother!

The only list is in Gibbons head and I really wonder what other things are in there. I would like Gibbons to prove there is a blacklist. Just because he says there is one, doesn’t make it true. In fact most things he says are untrue.

I know first hand and for several decades, that the US FDA scrutinizes conferences proposed for Reno and Las Vegas because of their reputations for gambling and fun. However, that did not stop the many FDA conferences I attended or helped arrange in Reno, Tahoe, Carson City and Las Vegas. To prove my point, the FDA will hold a meeting in Las Vegas next month and I plan to attend but don’t tell Obama!  I like to think Obama and I are buds because I voted for him and I couldn’t bear the disappointment on his face if he finds out about the conference. After all there IS a black list… somewhere!

The number of conferences and visitors statewide has certainly declined but the reason is the economy.  For Gibbons, this “conference thing” started when Obama criticized bailed out companies for holding  meetings in Las Vegas.  The Las Vegas visitors authority eventually said the decline was because of the poor economy and not to Obama’s remarks. Two good articles on this are:

Because Obama meant no slight, Las Vegas does not need an apology” – Jane Ann Morrison, LV Rev Jr, May 28, 2009

For the last time, Obama does not owe Las Vegas an apology“, John L. Smith, LV Review Journal, May 29, 2009

This is just another typical and nonsensical political swipe at Obama. Gibbons seems clueless about the Recession like he is with the state budget.

Federal agencies do not owe any one an apology or an investigation, neither does Obama. Federal agencies are expected to decide their meeting locations based on geography, costs, efficiency and in some cases public perception. That’s they way it has been for many years. Please let them continue with those policies.

In conclusion and in the spirit of economic cooperation, I offer this to Gibbons who says he is working hard to improve Nevada’s economy:

I see most of your girlfriends are in Northern Nevada so you should get more friends in Las Vegas. This way you can contribute to the economy there, by going out and having fun while your divorce proceedings go forward. There should be a fifty/fifty split in the number North and South and to make an even bigger economic impact find a girlfriend in Elko! It would be great!

Warning… and I hope this is not a deal breaker, there is one woman you must not contact at anytime or anywhere and that is Chrissy Mazzeo.

Other than her, any consenting adult female could be “fair game” for your charms and our economic viability. I am sure many ladies would love to be friends with you and even accept your offer to help them to their car. They should probably Google Chrissy’s name first before the first date.


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