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July 1, 2009 / jimnv

State Employee Furloughs

State employee furloughs start today, July 1st as required by SB 433. The goal is to save $300 million by requiring 12 unpaid days in each year for each of the 17,144 state employees in the biennium. Though dismayed at the need for a 4.6 percent pay cut, I hope the plan works. State employees have always been willing to do their part unlike the governor.

Whether the furloug plan succeeds depends on how effectively the governor implements the Legislature’s mandate. Unfortunately, it might fail because he has shown extreme incompetence these past couple years. Already, he has said they may not save as much as expected.

What can I say to that? Well, Mr. Gibbons… you are required to implement the law whether you agree with it or not. You are expected to save $300 million in salary costs in the next two years, so do it! Quit whining ya’ big baby!

The governor also said that some state agencies will seek exemptions from the Board of Examiners thereby jeopardizing the furlough plan. Mr. Gibbons, you are on that Board so speak up or forever hold your tongue! Plus, those agencies are under your control! What are you whining about?

My mother used to say, “Quit whining or I’ll give you something to whine about!” (she also substituted “cry” for “whine”)

Maybe, just maybe, Nevadans will give you something to whine and cry about about next year after you loose the election or the courts will finally make you account for your personal life and those “indiscretions”. I look forward to either but hope for both.


Dear Mom and Dad,

I miss you both and ask that you give the governor something to whine about! I don’t care what it is.


Jack Pierce, 12-23-1926  –  6-29-1994
Lisa Pierce, 2-2-1932  –  7-1-1997

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