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May 20, 2009 / jimnv

Gibbons Political Future Looks Good

I know, I know, Gibbons’ current poll numbers show very low public support and it doesn’t seem like he could win another election but Gibbons will run for re-election and win. Here is why:

Voters have very short memories. They will forget what he said and did these past few years including his con-job nonsensical budget and his inability to say things coherently when he appears in public. The only thing they will remember is, “He was just doing his job during difficult times.” Rehabilitating his image will be easy. Our standards are so low now.

State employees and teachers also have short memories and many are die-hard Republicans who will vote along party lines no matter what. I know, and I have been told that by many of them!

He will play the “recession card” and continue to scapegoat state employees and the executive branch he purports to run.  There is incredible animosity toward state employees and government in general and for him, this is worth capitalizing upon. It will give him the ultimate cover to do whatever he wants now and in the future. He will equate public animosity with public support which is what it is.

Gibbons has the support of the Nevada Republican Party which has considerable influence throughout the state. Their network is in place. their members are extremely loyal and they are ready and able to support Gibbons in his re-election. They will.

His public support is solid in the Elko area and especially in areas where mines are located. He is very popular there because he keeps them in business with low taxes and mines pay very high wages. 

He is supported by most Las Vegas and Reno casinos and all of the mining industry. Both have lots of money to send his way.  Why wouldn’t they? He supports them in every way.

He is supported by all Chambers of commerce either publicly or tacitly and they have direct links to most businesses in every community. his is an extremely valuable political network.

He will veto any tax measure and even if over ridden, he will use it as a mantle of “honesty and determination in difficult times” . If  his veto fails, he wins. If it succeeds he really wins. He can’t loose in this regard.

A significant part of his public base are church going Christians and Mormons who usually vote and vote Republican in Nevada.

There is no credible alternative to Gibbons. He has the name recognition and significant support politically and financially.

Democrats do not have a viable candidate especially if the candidate is a woman. Nevada politics only grudgingly recognizes women in politics and it is not ready for a woman to run the executive branch.

Jim Gibbons is incredibly incompetent and genuinely despises state employees. At the very least, he sees state employees as useful pawns in his political game and they mean nothing to him. And what can they do? Nothing, they are too scared for their jobs and that is the way he and his Republican allies like it.

I hope I am wrong  and I would be very pleased if I were!


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