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May 8, 2009 / jimnv

Assemblyman Ed Goedhart – “A poor excuse is better than none.”

Republican Assemblyman Goedhart was  “allegedly” looking at porn at the Legislature last Saturday during a floor session!  Oh, for Pete’s sake!  When will the madness stop?

Goedhart is a legislator who can only say, “No to taxes.” and  “Yes” to salary and benefit cuts for state employees. He also thinks he is the vanguard of something new in his party and at the Legislature. Yeah, right!

Here is part of the article:

Assemblyman Ed Goedhart, R-Armagosa Valley, was spotted by a legislative police officer looking at what appeared to be naked women dancing on his computer screen as lawmakers were debating a handful of bills during floor session Saturday  …   LasVegasGleaner: “Slack-jawed yokel discovers what the internets are for” – May 8, 2009

See also:  Anjeanette Damon, Reno Gaz Jr.: “Nevada Assemblyman reprimanded for explicit material” – May 7, 2009

If this was a “regular” state employee they would get more than a reprimand but because he is a Legislator, the workplace laws do not apply to him.  He claims he was using a personal PC researching an upcoming vacation using the State’s Internet connection. Goedhart was supposed to be doing the state’s business in a public session and if he did that, he wouldn’t have had a problem.  His excuses are poor, so is his character.

Mr. Goedhart will not resign as he should and based on Nevada Republican politics, this event will give him “gravitas”… dignity and credibility within his party. Don’t expect them to do more than ignore his behavior thereby condoning it. It just speaks to their morals.

And “Yes”, I would critisize a Democratic legislator who did the same thing. Find one and let me know!

This reminds me of what my father used to say to me after I messed up and was trying to rationalize what I did, “A poor excuse is better than none.” The way he said it and that look on his face it would cut through me everytime and put me in my place.  I wish he were still alive… I am sure he would like to have a talk with Ed Goedhart.



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  1. Jacquelyn McNally / Oct 29 2010 5:30 pm

    Let’s add porn to Goedhardt’s conservative qualifications. And to his personal qualifications that he abuses animals!


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