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April 16, 2009 / jimnv

New Slogan for Gibbons – more Gibby Gab

Apparently the Governor has a new slogan, “The people of Nevada deserve a government that works for them, not against them.” It is on a banner over his doorway.

Wow, such a fine slogan but it does not match what the Governor believes in or does. What we have is an incompetent and  insensitive obstructionist only concerned with what is good for him personally and politically. Like a psychopath he does not care what others think, it’s always about him.  I fear this is not ” just about politics” where we can expect such overt hypocrisy but his actions in the past year show a level of  selfishness and lack of awareness to political and social norms, that it implies a serious mental illness, a significant character flaw or possibly both.

The Governor works, but is is not for “the people”. It is for mining companies and casinos to make certain their taxes taxes are low so the rest of us can make up the difference.

As to working for the the rest of us…. not so much. Who can forget his current proposals to to cut state employee and teachers pay by 6 percent, how about those cuts to retiree health insurance, a cut for people who can least afford it?  What about the deep and devastating cuts to the University system?  Oh yeah, how about his stealing county taxes to pay for his budget incompetence? And who could forget that he won’t help with the budget because it is in the Legislature’s hands?  The list could go on and on.

 I have said this before he put up his banner, we deserve a better governor.

We certainly deserve a governor who works for the people and not against them. Unfortunately, we don’t have that with Gibbons. He hides behind a statement people will readily support but which he does not believe in for himself. What a coward full of Gibby gab … and more.


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