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April 9, 2009 / jimnv

The Ferret Miracle

Some time ago, I decided the Gibbons divorce would not be a topic on this blog, after all a divorce is a private thing, except when done between consenting public figures. I also have no quarrel with Dawn Gibbons, ferrets or the people who love them but now I must mention their divorce and the miracle associated with it. 

You see, for the past week, I have been fighting a cold, feeling poorly and not able to blog in earnest as I usually do. A couple days ago, in the depths of my misery and while eating some Gummi bears, I read that Dawn Gibbons was characterized a being so aggressive toward her husband, that he felt it was like being locked in a phone booth with an “enraged ferret”.

After I read that, I laughed out loud and started to feel better immediately. Seriously, I could feel my cold slip away and by the next day I felt nearly normal (whatever that is). This is my “Ferret Miracle” and it cured my cold and allowed my inner orneriness to shine brightly again.

My nature might have been muted but it was never extinguished.  One friend summarize this in her comment on my Facebook page,  “I doubt any sickness could knock the ornery out of you!”. She is right and I am back, ever ornery and sarcastic but mindful of the dangers to state employees while the Legislature is in session.

And, No … the Gummi bears had nothing to do with this cold changing event.


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