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March 10, 2009 / jimnv

End the Siege

State employees are equally affected by the recession as any other Nevadan, except they must also face public and political scorn for being government employees. Attacks have come from politicians and big businesses who see state employees as an easy enemy. This stress makes for a grim outlook and low morale … it is not easy to be under siege.

Contrary to what many think, state employees are actually “real Nevadans” who spend their money locally and pay taxes like everyone else. They are also concerned about the state’s budget and want accountability at all levels. Employees also want a governor and Legislature willing to face reality and fix the budget structure.

Budget cuts of the past year have left over two thousand positions vacant yet there has been an increase in demand for services. This is pressure state employees accept and understand.  

Taking away benefits and salary may make a few people happy and it would certainly be symbolic, but it won’t solve our budget problems. The Legislature must create a reasonable and stable tax base.

State employees are not the enemy… it’s time to end the siege.


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