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January 23, 2009 / jimnv

“Transparent Nevada” website – interesting!

The Transparent Nevada  website provides salary data (base salary and benefits) for many government employees and lists  the “State of Nevada”.  According to them, the average salary for a state employee is $37,444.99. How they calculated that is unknown. They probably took their total payroll and benefit figures and divided them by the number of positions, including the vacant ones. This would move the actual average salary down. The salary data is probably not up-to date since the  judges salaries do not reflect their $30,000 a year raise they received on January 1, 2009. The site lets you look up a name too. Try it and find out how much they say you are making. For the search page, click here.

FYI:  A Washoe County employee earns an average salary of $55,629.3 and in Clark County it is: $61,535.22.

This is why it is so annoying when critics claim we receive too much in pay and benefits. They have no idea about the truth. I guess they really don’t want to know. All they have is their hateful and spiteful attitudes towards state employees. 

I called up their summary page for the “State of Nevada” and this is what popped up:

The State of Nevada

Description Amount
Number of employees 23,996
Total Payroll $898,530,033.94
Total Overtime $29,123,695.59
Total Benefits $127,254,874.47
Total Base Salary $742,151,463.88
Average total cost to taxpayer $37,444.99
Highest salary $191,256.00
Lowest salary $-7,345.51

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