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January 18, 2009 / jimnv

“Gibby Gab” Challenge to the Legislature

The governor’s “No new taxes” motto is ‘gibby gab’ and it sums up his administration’s inability to seriously address budget problems. By ‘gibby gabbing’ they feel free to ignore problems and transfer them to the Legislature. This is most certainly destructive to Nevada’s economic stability and his political party. Hopefully there won’t be too much ‘gibby gabbing’ at the Legislature. We need serious focus and not more political nonsense.

“Gibby Gab”
1) verb, to talk excessively and repetitively especially about matters of importance; hollow political chatter
2) noun, ineffective talk or argument; trivial talk about important matters
3) noun, gift of the gab, ability to speak without saying much


The budget was important to Nevadans but with his  ‘gibby gab’ he was able to ignore it and walk away.

Not wanting to solve the problem, he ‘gibby gab-ed’ it away.


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