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January 14, 2009 / jimnv

Waiting for the “State of the State” Address Tomorrow

The governor will give his “state of the state” address tomorrow in Carson City. In it, he will layout what he thinks Nevada needs for the next two years. Undoubtedly the main subject will be the budget and its shortfalls. I do not expect him to say much more than what he has already leaked to the press, that is, a six percent pay-cut, a significant reduction in government employee benefits and some lay-offs.  Unfortunately, that is all he has since he has no vision to fund the state adequately. He will simply hand his budget problems to the Legislature and expect them to deal with it.

What I expect tomorrow is a very good response by the Democrats, specifically Speaker Barbara Buckley who will give a rebuttal to Gibbons’ address. She needs to be specific with a vision toward solving Nevada’s funding problems in the long term. I expect her reject Gibbons proposals to lay-off employees. I expect her to support good health coverage and retirement for all Nevada government employees. They deserve no less.

We have suffered too long under the motto of “No new taxes” … it is a simpleton’s way out and a cover for incompetence.


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