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January 9, 2009 / jimnv

Reckless and Punitive – Gibbons wants a 6 percent pay cut!

Gibbons, through his spokesman Daniel Burns said his boss is proposing a 6 percent pay cut for state employees (teachers too). Then, when pressed with questions he refused to answer by saying, “I would be committing a crime.”   Apparently there is a statute preventing him from legally talking about the Executive Budget before it’s time.  Well, Mr Burns broke the law by saying there would be a pay cut in the Executive Budget, but then his statement plays into a seemingly perverted need to dig at state employees.

Seriously, maybe he needs to be charged and prosecuted regarding this.  I will check into this matter and post what I find.

As to the ridiculous pay cut proposal… it shows the Governor as a punitive, mean and disrespectful, no wonder hides behind a spokesperson.  He wants to balance the budget on the backs of thousands of hard working state employees (teachers too) and refuses to look at alternatives. By saying a state employee pay-cut is needed to be fair to businesses and citizens means he does not think of us as citizens nor are we worthy of any respect as human beings. He is being unfair to state employees.

Do we not have families and friends and spend millions of dollars in our communities?  We count and we are worthy of respect at all times. His sadistic scorn and derison is unacceptable in a civilized society and he needs to be told that. You can do so by clicking here.

Governing by the motto “No New Taxes” fails because it requires no thought or reasoning. They are just words. It proves the Governor  is incapable of fulfillng the duties of his office. Nevadans need to do something about that.  Reference the Nevada State Constitution: ARTICLE. 7,  – Impeachment and Removal from Office , Section. 1.  Impeachment: Trial; conviction.

Adding a pay-cut to a wage freeze (COLA, Merit and step) puts unfair and disproportionate burden on state employees (teachers too). It IS certainly a tax on employees as Dennis Mallory said in an article published  today. This is what he said:

“Dennis Mallory, chief of staff of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 4041, argued that the 6 percent salary cut sought by Gibbons would be the equivalent of a tax increase on state employees.

Gibbons has said repeatedly that he would not raise taxes on businesses or individuals because it would not be fair to burden them economically during a downturn, Mallory said. “But he is taking income from the bottom line of state employees, which in effect would be a tax increase on them,” said Mallory, whose labor group has 5,000 state employees as members.”

The Governor’s 6 percent “state employee tax” is certainly not something an average Nevadan or a business would accept but state employees (and teachers) are expected to accept it. You have to be kidding me!

I agree with Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley, D-Las Vegas when she said she does not support a pay cut and believes there are other solutions to this. We shall see when the Legislature convenes in February.

We need to keep watch over things, talk about this and speak out. You can respectfully e-mail, call or write your state representatives. Their information is listed on the Legislature’s website. To find your representative, click here and click these links for Assembly and  Senate contact information.


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